Man killed in scuffle with police

February 03, 1994|By Scott Higham | Scott Higham,Sun Staff Writer

A 31-year-old man was shot -- once with his own gun and once by a police pistol -- and killed during a scuffle with two plainclothes officers in one of Baltimore's toughest neighborhoods last night.

Investigators said Anthony Darryl Redd was struck once in the stomach by a bullet from his own gun and then in the head by a shot from one of the officer's pistols.

Both officers have been assigned to desk jobs while police conduct homicide and internal investigations of the incident.

The shooting occurred in a troubled East Baltimore neighborhood near the southeastern edge of Green Mount Cemetery, an area police said is ravaged by crack cocaine and relentless crime.

The undercover officers, members of the city's violent crimes task force, were patrolling when they spotted two men standing near Hoffman and Holbrook streets around 10 p.m.

The men separated and started to walk away. The officers, Lewis Yamin and Stephen Nalewajko, caught up with one of the men and ordered him to stop.

Police said this morning they weren't sure why the officers stopped the man.

A scuffle started and the officers spotted a .357 Magnum revolver tucked in Mr. Redd's waistband, said Agent Doug Price, a department spokesman. Suddenly, the .357 went off, striking Mr. Redd in the stomach. Mr. Price said detectives are trying to determine whose finger was on the trigger when the gun fired.

One of the officer's pistols, a police-issue Glock 9mm, also went off, striking Mr. Redd in the head.

Investigators were not sure of the sequence of the shots and Mr. Price said that would be a focus of the internal investigation.

Mr. Redd, whose last known address was in the 1500 block of Stonewood Road in Baltimore, was pronounced dead at the scene. Neither officer was seriously injured.

Following standard Police Department procedure, the two officers were taken off the streets until the investigations are concluded. After an investigation by homicide detectives, prosecutors will determine whether the shooting was justifiable and whether the two officers should be charged.

An internal investigation will focus on whether the officers followed proper procedures and obeyed the department's guidelines on the deadly use of force, which generally say officers must be placed in fear of their lives or the lives of others before firing their weapons.

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