Hamill says she skated on thin ice, too

February 02, 1994|By Phil Jackson

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Hmmm, Nancy Kerrigan might have gotten off easy. Dorothy Hamill, 1976 Olympic gold medalist in figure skating, tells an interesting story about how one of her competitors and coach tried to run her down with a car in Innsbruck, Austria. "And it was definitely on purpose," she adds.

* The campaign continues to come up with a valid list of state boxing champions next Wednesday when Reggie Green (12-0) and Lyndon Paul Walker (11-5) meet for the junior welterweight crown atop Stu Satosky's card at Martin's West. The eight-fight, 50-round show gets under way at 7:30 p.m.

* The weirdest thing about the Dallas Mavericks and their 3-40 (.070) record is they're twice as good playing on the road as at home.

* The regular athletes will have to go some to outshine the Masters Mile at the Millrose Games in New York Friday night. Eamonn Coghlan once again looks to be the first 40-plus guy to break four minutes and the field is strong. The gang heads for the Patriot Center at George Mason University for the Mobil Meet Sunday afternoon.

* The cost of a 30-second ad on "Late Night" with David Letterman (about $32,000) gets you one second on the Super Bowl telecast . . . not to mention a far less attentive audience.

* What a kick in the head it's going to be to the Big East if, after becoming a highly successful made-for-TV basketball conference, football simply moves in and takes over, getting rid of the non-football-playing schools. The popular sports have co-existed nicely the past two years and the current setup should continue.

* I've been asking and asking, but no one in the television industry can tell me why Super Bowl III was the least-watched Supe of all time. I mean, a New York team, Joe Namath and John Unitas, what more could anyone ask for?

* With all due respect to the numbers Gregg Olson ran up in the Orioles bullpen, bring on Lee Smith. He's out of the old school of relief pitchers, a school that instructed "throw the ball over the plate." You can have those nibblers and full-count experts. I still wake up screaming thinking about Don Stanhouse.

* OK, everybody can't make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but can anyone figure out what the delay is with regard to Lynn Swann?

* It's becoming increasingly apparent that the only reason people use the telephone in Portland, Ore., is to arrange to have people "bumped off" or belted with a tire iron.

* Mickey Mantle says one of the reasons he sought alcohol rehab is he's found his memory slipping badly during the past couple of years. Not too long ago, I talked to Der Mick, brought up the subject of when he played football in high school and his thoughts about attending Oklahoma and playing there, and he came alive with minute details about his gridiron exploits.

* Wait just a minute, all 72,817 ticket holders for the Super Bowl were on hand, there wasn't one no-show. What are the odds on that?

* Great as Emmitt Smith is running the ball in the middle of that awesome Dallas Cowboys offense, don't hand him all the best-in-the-NFL accolades because there's still a pretty good rusher in Detroit by the name of Barry Sanders.

* The Rating Percentage Index, the computer used by the NCAA that has a lot to say about which teams make the basketball tournament, lists Purdue, Louisville and Temple as the 1-2-3 teams in college hoops . . . a bit of a difference from the Duke,

North Carolina, Kansas call of the Associated Press Poll. The former trio is 8-9-10, according to AP.

* Psst, pass it on: They still haven't announced an opponent for Larry Holmes for next week's "Tuesday Night Fights" feature. If interested, contact USA Network.

* In case you were wondering, the ugly-looking championship cap with the tags hanging all over it the Dallas Cowboys were wearing immediately after the Super Bowl goes for $20, plus $3.35 shipping and handling.

* When you come right down to it, four NFC teams -- the Cowboys, 49ers, Giants and Redskins -- have wreaked 90 percent of the havoc on the AFC during the 10-year win streak. What the latter has to pray for is that someone like the Buccaneers, Cardinals or Rams represents the NFC one of these years.

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