Stevens Forest classes get a few incentives for perfect attendance


February 01, 1994|By NATALIE HARVEY

Life is sometimes a puzzlement.

The residents of the San Fernando Valley in California are still devastated by the aftermath of the earthquake. Only the tremors moved fast.

I have wondered how and why it was possible for the media, politicians and Federal Emergency Management Agency to travel to the area within hours but not load their planes with food, water and essentials to be distributed immediately upon arrival.

Paperwork and promises do not feed children when they are hungry or help heal wounds and suffering.

I suspect that the average man on the street did more for strangers than the officials who had to be careful not to trip on TV cables while performing their administrative duties.


While on the subject of nature's way, it was a welcome sight to see the grocer's bird food shelves were almost empty at the same time that people were replenishing their pantries.

Our feathered friends needed supplies, too.


And the rolling blackout, it worked!

If people could conserve energy for 48 hours and manage, maybe a weekly or monthly conservation time would be a good and practical idea (with an occasional blackout as a reminder).

It would save the consumer money and keep tons of carbon dioxide out of the air we breathe.


Ruth Cargo, staff secretary, is coordinating a new competition at Stevens Forest Elementary School.

Each homeroom class from kindergarten to fifth grade has a chance to win special cafeteria treats -- if they have perfect daily attendance.

Perfect Attendance classes are announced on Monday mornings, and the results are posted on a graph in the cafeteria.

The classes in each grade with the most Perfect Attendance days will be announced Feb. 22 when Principal Wilbur Payne will present the winning students with a free pretzel.

The second awards will be presented on April 18, "Cinnamon Sticks Day", and June 3 will be Frozen Treat Day.

Watch this space for the names of the winning classes and teachers.


Josh Fendell and Robert Wirth's "Very Multi-Media" will be exhibited in the Main Gallery and Elizabeth Burger's works will be in Studio Gallery 1 at the Columbia Art Center in Long Reach Shopping Center until March 12.

The public is invited to attend the opening reception 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 10. Information: 730-7500.


Love your cat but don't understand it?

"That Darn Cat" may have your answers at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 8, at Jeffers Hills Elementary School.

The workshop is sponsored by the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks. Fee is $22. Registration and information: 313-2762.


East Columbia high school seniors and their parents are invited Howard Community College's "Night On Campus" to learn more about scholarships, staff and curriculum.

Hammond and Howard students' night is Feb. 10; Oakland Mills is Feb. 17.

Meetings begin at 7 p.m. in the student activities center, Room SA201.

& Information: 992-4800.


There's good news for college students, too. If you are a member the Aid Association for Lutherans and will have an associate or bachelor's degree after Aug. 1 of this year or by July 31 of 1995, you can apply for a $1,000 full-time scholarship or $500 part-time student scholarship.

6* Information: Gibbons Agency, 465-3112.


Wondering how to get involved in your community?

If you are a resident of Howard County and work for a social services organization, you're needed to fill a citizens advisory board on Adult Public Guardianship and Social Services.

There also is an opening for a licensed veterinarian practicing in Howard County to serve on the county Animal Matters Board.

G; Call 313-3000 to see if your opportunity is still open.


If you want to help others but don't want to leave home, Adaptive Living Inc. needs volunteers who can make slipcovers or curtains and drapes for group homes.

AL will provide measurements and fabric.

So, oil your sewing machine and call 730-1289 or 730-3150, and you'll be on your way to providing

a service for others.


Kings Contrivance resident, Joe Noonan, vice president of Fred Eisenbrandt & Associates, reports that his company received Maryland Historical Trust's 1993 Preservation Project Award for their restoration of Orchard Street Church in Baltimore.

The awards were part of the "Maryland Main Street Designated Communities" program.

Based in Baltimore, Eisenbrandt & Associates is actively involved in historical preservation projects throughout Maryland.


Cydney and Leslie Shields will discuss problems encountered by black women in the workplace, Sunday, Feb. 13, at 3:30 p.m. at Cover to Cover Bookstore/Cafe in Owen Brown Shopping Center.

Actually, they have already put their information in their book, "Work, Sister, Work" which deals with the double burden of gender and race and will be happy to autograph copies for their audience.

Information: 410-381-9200.


Boy Scouts, their leaders and families are invited to attend religious services this Sunday at St. John the Evangelist in Oakland Mills Meeting House and at Wilde Lake Interfaith Center.

When they fulfill all requirements, scouts earn BSA religion awards.

The Aitare Dei award is for Boy Scouts; Parvuli Dei for Webelo Scouts and Light of Christ for Tigers, Wolves and Bear Cub Scouts.

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