World Elite Travel merges office with Pa. sister agency

January 31, 1994

World Elite Travel Inc., previously located in the 140 Village Shopping Center in Westminster, has merged with its sister agency in Hanover, Pa.

"We're joining forces to give much better service to our clients on a more personal basis," said Yolanda Kirkpatrick, who started the company in November 1986 at Westminster's Sherwood Square Mall, now known as Winchester Exchange.

"Now that we've combined, we have a much larger office and have upgraded the computer system and telephones."

Ms. Kirkpatrick, who started the Hanover agency in August 1992, said Maryland customers will still be able to reach agents through the old phone number.

"The calls will be automatically transferred here," she said, speaking from the Hanover office on Eisenhower Drive. "We've added some extra lines to service our clients."

For clients who want to speak with their travel agent in person, but who are unable to travel to Hanover, in-home appointments are available, Ms. Kirkpatrick said.

Customers will still be able to use the company's toll-free telephone number, she said.

"We have clients all over the United States," Ms. Kirkpatrick said. "We are a small company, but we are very mighty. Twenty miles away is nothing in this day and time. The world is shrinking."

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