2nd 300 eludes Severn's Jones


January 30, 1994|By DON VITEK

Allen Jones of Severn posted his first 300 game in 1986. On Dec. 29, he could have had another -- except for an eight-pin in the final frame.

He bowls in three leagues -- the Tuesday Pioneer Men at Fair Lanes Ritchie, Wednesday Mixed at Fair Lanes Southdale and the Thursday Bell Ringers at Bowl America Glen Burnie.

"I seem to score better at Southdale," he said. "I think the lane condition is more consistent there."

Jones is averaging 218 at Southdale and owns a 773 three-game series.

The Wednesday night at Southdale that the left-hander flirted with his second 300 game, he felt that he wasn't doing anything different.

"I was just throwing pretty good that night," he said. "I did let down a little on the second game, but I came back with a fair game for a decent series."

It was the first game where the eight-pin stood on the 12th ball and left him with a 299. The second game was 182, but he rallied in the last game to post a 219 and a 700 set.

Just to prove that it was no fluke, Jones, bowling in the same league a few weeks later, Jan. 19, pounded out games of 245, 247 and 258 for a 750 series.

A milestone reached

Three duckpin bowlers at Fair Lanes Southwest have a lot more in common than just competing in the same center.

Barb Davis, Will Anderson Jr. and Debbie Windesheim never had had a 200 game until this season. Today they all own one.

"It was just one of those games where I couldn't do anything wrong," Davis said. "But the other two games were so bad that I don't even remember what I shot for the series."

She lives in Baltimore Highlands and bowls in just one league, The Thursday Early Mixed.

Averaging 119, Davis has posted a career high set of 457. And she remembers every frame of that first 200 game.

"I had a five-bagger and in the last frame I still needed a mark and nine pins for the 200 game," she said.

She picked up a spare and counted exactly nine pins on the last ball to reach 200 right on the money.

Anderson of St. Dennis carries a 118 average in the only league he bowls in -- the Saturday Guys and Gals on the Bounty Hunters team.

Anderson's high game had been 169, but one night this season his first game blew that away. He posted a 213 game, came back with a 127 and faltered in the last game, throwing a 94.

"I just let down in that game," he said, "but it was still good enough to get me my best series, 434."

As exceptional as the 213 game was, it could have been even better.

"I had a double, a triple and marks in every box," Anderson said, "and would you believe that I counted just one pin on one of those spares."

Windesheim and her husband, Bunky, were born, raised and live near the Southwest center.

She's been bowling for more than 20 years and bowls, with Bunky, in the Sunday 98 Rockers league.

"I think she's had a couple of 195, 196 games, but this was the first 200 game," Bunky said.

Windesheim carried a 117 average last season and the night that she posted her 200 game, she added enough pins to attain her best three-game series, 435.

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