3D Will Make You See More ClearlyDecember was National...


January 30, 1994

3D Will Make You See More Clearly

December was National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month. The Harford County Highway Safety Committee would like to express appreciation for the efforts of various agencies who participated in making this important effort successful in 1993.

Special appreciation is deserved by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, whose on-going efforts certainly have affected the downward trend in the incidence of drunk and drugged driving in our county. MADD kicked off Red Ribbon Month on Dec. 7 at the Department of Motor Vehicles and held a candlelight vigil for the victims of drunk drivers in front of the county courthouse. The TC County Council issued a proclamation declaring Harford County a participant in National 3D Month; Aberdeen Proving Grounds conducted extensive education and awareness efforts, and sobriety checkpoints and street saturations were conducted by certain law enforcement agencies. Maryland State Police made 11 arrests in a 2 1/2 -hour period and the Sheriff's Department made four.

. . . There were five alcohol-related fatalities for 1993, which is less than the previous year's total.

Other highway safety efforts in December included radar patrols and seat belt enforcement conducted by the police agencies of Havre de Grace, Bel Air, the Sheriff's Department, the Maryland State Police and Aberdeen. A total of 129 speed citations and 37 seat belt citations were issued.

Seat belt citations, which are issued routinely when a driver is stopped for any reason and is not wearing a belt, show a 71 percent compliance rate in Harford County. This is far below the state's goal of 82 percent by the end of '94. . . .

Future highway safety activities include participation in "Child Passenger Safety Week," which is a national campaign held Feb. 13-19. Education and enforcement activities will be conducted. . . .

If your agency or group would like material, speakers of other information regarding these or other highway safety issues, please contact me at 638-3150.

Lee Ann Candon

Bel Air

The writer is Harford County Highway Safety Committee Coordinator.


We were all asked to cut back on electricity during the cold crisis, and most of us did. But now ask yourself the following -- Why did:

* The parking garage at the Towson library leave on many dozens of lights during the day when in the very shadow of the building the Print-O-Stat company complied by working in the dark?

* Wendy's on Joppa Road in Towson burn an outside pole light in the daytime?

* Savco Automotive at Loch Raven Boulevard and Joppa Road see fit to burn several outside lights in the daytime?

* Bay Oil Co. in Havre de Grace continues its 12-year-plus practice of burning an exterior pole light?

* Baltimore Gas & Electric fails to fix numerous dayburner streetlights in Baltimore and Harford counties despite several requests starting back as early as last Oct. 10?. . . .

Michael B. Danish


Power to Change

Now that we have all celebrated the beginning of another New Year, it might be of some benefit to look back at the last few and resolve to avoid the same unthinking mistakes that have caused us so much distress.

We certainly cannot be proud of our "epidemics" of violent crime, substance abuse, sub-standard education, illiteracy, school drop-outs, teen-age pregnancies, a breakdown of family and values, political corruption, political privilege and indifference, and a breakdown of basic rules of ethics and responsibility.

Not a very pretty picture, but it is one that can be corrected. It cannot be done with business-as-usual. It cannot be done if the voters continue to elect "the same old crowd" without a close scrutiny of their character, record and ability. . . .

For some reason, we seem to forget that our elected representatives are just that, our representatives. They gain no special privilege, no deity, no exemption from the law. They are there for only one reason: to represent us in the most beneficial manner -- for us, not them. . . .

Term limits have been proposed as a possible solution but I remind you that you have more power in your index finger than any proposal to limit terms.

One flick of your voting finger will do two important things: It will "throw the bums out," but it will also reward those who truly represent us. Let's make 1994 a year of effective change -- a year we can look back on with pride.

C. Lange

White Hall

Want Kids? Think Long And Hard

The Jan. 12 Op-Ed piece by Virginia I. Postrel, "Mobilize the Children to Bridle the Adults," made a key point that is not readily acknowledged by many people, single or married, who incidentally or accidentally wind up being parents.

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