BILL and LALLA HOLLOWELL of Glen Burnie.Volunteer work...


January 30, 1994|By Kevin Harrison

BILL and LALLA HOLLOWELL of Glen Burnie.

Volunteer work: Mr. and Mrs. Hollowell volunteer for Meals on Wheels as well as assist with the operation of the snack bar at the Pascal Senior Center.

Volunteers' comments: "I got interested in Meals on Wheels awhile back," Mr. Hollowell said. "Before that I did work for the Department of Aging as a visitor, going to homes and just checking on people to make sure they were OK and talking to them for a couple of hours."

"I go in and open up the snack bar at the Pascal Center four days a week. My wife works in the kitchen for Meals on Wheels, preparing the meals at least two days a week. Sometimes she goes with me on deliveries. I work in the kitchen too."

"We love to do it. It makes you feel good that you're wanted. We have good feelings for a lot of people we serve."

"It keeps us young," Mrs. Hollowell said. "I really enjoy doing this."

About the volunteers: Mr. Hollowell, a retired painter, has been working for Meals on Wheels for more than eight years. Mrs. Hollowell began after they got married three years ago.

Both are active members of the Harundale Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Hollowell attributes her charitable spirit to watching her mother take soup and bread to needy people. "I guess that rubbed off on me," she said.

Organization's comments: Louis Calka, a Meals on Wheels route chairman, said Mr. Hollowell "will work on Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays" and "seems to have an endless supply of energy."

About the organization: For information on volunteer opportunities with Meals on Wheels, call 263-5444.

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