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January 30, 1994

'User-Friendly' Clerk's Office

I am responding to the article of Dec. 28, announcing the candidacy of Leslie Cale for clerk of the Circuit Court.

As an employee of the clerk's office, I take exception to Ms. Cale's establishing a "user-friendly" office. I feel that our office already takes pride in serving the public in a helpful, friendly and efficient manner.

My fellow employees and I try to keep the public as our No. 1 priority. . . . Without actually being in our office, one doesn't get to see the "thank yous," handshakes and smiles that we receive. . . .

Carol Welk



A week before Christmas, my wife, Anita, was involved in a serious automobile accident. Due to the severity of her injuries, she was flown by Medevac helicopter to the University of Maryland Shock-Trauma Center. We were fortunate that a few days before Christmas she was released to come home to recuperate.

Thank you to the Howard County police officers and rescue team for their quick response and rescue actions. Thank you to the Medevac helicopter crew/team for their care in transporting my wife. Thank you to the Shock-Trauma team for its swift professional actions, medical expertise and kindness. And thank you to all of our friends and neighbors whose outpouring of get well wishes, flowers, prayers, Christmas gift wrapping, cookies, dinners and gifts were so greatly appreciated during our family's time of need. . . .

Don Swan

Ellicott City

Rescue Dalmatians

We were very pleased with the photo and caption that you published in the Howard County section of The Sun on Jan. 9. The photo depicted one of our rescue dalmatians jumping up on some children for a hug. The caption explained the function of our club and its rescue program. . . .

However, it would have been nice if the place where our presentation was made had been mentioned in the caption. The Animal Authority on Dobbin Road in Columbia was kind enough to provide space for our information booth and for our own personal and rescue dogs. . . .

Elaine Thomas

Owings Mills

The writer is president of the Central Maryland Dalmatian Club.

Eyre Defends Itself From A Critical Letter

It was with great surprise and disappointment that we read the letter from Melvin Reuber printed in the Jan. 9 Howard County edition of The Sun. Surprise, because we found no record of a letter or call from him. So we called Mr. Reuber the following Monday morning to ask for his assistance and to thank him for bringing these concerns to light. He stated, "in retrospect, I guess I should have written to your company."

Eyre is committed to being responsive to our clients' needs. The commuter contracts are the foundation of our financial strength and we take our obligations seriously. We transport more than 30,000 passengers monthly. The majority of Mr. Reuber's comments were unjustified and inaccuracies affect the reputation of our employees and the commuters who ride our coaches.

His statement, "this rip-off of Columbia commuters by Eyre," was particularly devastating. As a major employer in Howard County, we pride ourselves on our community service, county and statewide. As part of our contract with the Mass Transit Administration, the fare is subsidized; $27 buys a 10-trip book, good for a week's commute. Eyre coaches are modern, air-conditioned, restroom-equipped and undergo daily cleaning and mechanical inspection. Our drivers are trained professionals committed to providing transportation and customer service. We believe this represents an excellent value.

In order to learn more than 26 different commuter routes, trainees ride runs with experienced drivers. Driver assignments are changed for many reasons, some of which are rotations in bid, vacations and unexpected absences. There have been a few occasions where a driver, switched from another route, has asked commuters for assistance. We would prefer this not happen at all and are working to correct it.

Yes, there are commuters who stand on some runs. We have asked MTA for authorization to add additional runs and have been told that no funds are available. There is limited service on eight stand-alone federal holidays, and also the week between Christmas and New Year's, not for "weeks at a time."

Drivers are instructed to only pick up and discharge passengers at designated stops for safety reasons. Mr. Reuber was unable to share with us on which run he encountered these problems. Perhaps Mr. Reuber misunderstood the announcement about coaches and ski work. Many times after a commuter run is finished and our contractual obligations over, a coach may be scheduled to operate a charter and does not return to the terminal. So Eyre "terminal riders" could make alternate arrangements from the last commuter stop, we do announce to our commuters that after the MTA run is complete and the coach has reached the last scheduled stop, it will not return to the terminal.

We take exception to Mr. Reuber calling the commuters who use our service "obnoxious." There is a great camaraderie between our commuters and drivers. We find our commuters to be caring and committed customers, loyal to our service and willing to share their concerns with us.

Are there ever complaints? Of course, but considering the number of passengers transported daily, the complaints are minimal. We thank clients who complain because these customers are giving us the opportunity to keep their business.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to Mr. Reuber's allegations and thank everyone who called voicing their support of Eyre and our mission, which is to provide Excellence In Travel.

Ronald L. Eyre


The writer is president of Eyre Bus Service, Inc. and Eyre Tour & Travel, Ltd.

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