Caustic cardsLike it or not, Political Incorrectness is...


January 30, 1994

Caustic cards

Like it or not, Political Incorrectness is everywhere. Now comes a line of Politically Incorrect (though environmentally correct) greeting cards from Recycled Paper Greetings of Chicago. The cards, printed on 100 percent recycled paper, take gibes at Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives. Among the savaged: Rush Limbaugh, Ross Perot and Bill and Hillary Clinton. The cards are $1.50 each and are available at greeting card stores and some bookshops. If you need help finding them in your area, call (800) 777-9494 or (312) 348-6410..

Not so hot

ScaldSafe hot water sensors are inexpensive devices designed to ensure that no one in your home is burned with hot water from tub, shower or sink faucets.

The devices automatically cut off water that reaches 114 degrees. To restart, press a button to drain the hot water, then turn the water back on, remixing to a safe temperature.

Every year, some 37,000 children 14 or younger are treated in emergency rooms for scalding burns, says a spokesperson for Resources Conservation Inc., the manufacturer of ScaldSafe.

The faucet device is $6, the shower sensor, $12.99, and the tub spout, $24.99.

They're installed in seconds with no special tools and are widely available at hardware stores.

No more rush to brush

Jordan Magic toothbrush is a new product for kids who don't brush their teeth long enough. The handle changes color from heat generated by the hand during brushing. The process takes two minutes, if it's gripped properly. Widely available for $2.49.

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