Around the house* Clean aluminum storm door. Apply...


January 29, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Clean aluminum storm door. Apply whitewall tire cleaner or aluminum jelly to stains with a soft, damp rag; remove residue with a clean wet cloth.

* Save time when cleaning small objects. Assemble knick-knacks on tray and dust with blow-dryer. Submerge tray in solution of soapy water; spray with shower of clear water and let drip dry.

* Remove nicotine mist on mirrors with rubbing alcohol on a cloth.

* Repair a small rip in a reusable vacuum cleaner bag with iron-on patching material.

* Place a guest towel inside bathroom sink when applying makeup. This will catch residue from powder, blush and hairspray. If you habitually wipe off water from basin after using the faucet, sink will remain shiny, clean for a longer period of time.

In the garden

* Start seedlings in empty egg shells. Poke a hole in bottom for drainage and fill shells with soil and seeds and set in egg carton. When ready to plant, simply pull apart shell and set in the ground with small plants. Eggshells will eventually decompose as the plants grow.

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