Bills' Smith finds commercial success

January 28, 1994|By Ken Murray

ATLANTA -- Buffalo Bills defensive end Bruce Smith is tough on quarterbacks and in commercials. He picked up two endorsements this season, one for a potato chip company and another for shoes.

In the potato chip commercial, Smith stuffs a handful of chips in his mouth after he is dared to eat just one. What you don't see is Smith spitting them out. He liked the taste, he said, but not the fat content.

Smith doesn't appear in the shoe commercial -- only his shoe. In that one, Dennis Hopper pulls Smith's shoe out of his locker and sniffs it.

"I couldn't visualize the commercial when they sent me a script," Smith said. "They sent me a tape, and after I saw it a couple of times it began to grow on me. I'm glad it was a new pair so I wouldn't have to pay for his [Hopper's] hospital bill."

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