Kosar making top moves in his off-field maneuvers

January 27, 1994|By Vito Stellino | Vito Stellino,Staff Writer

ATLANTA -- Quarterback Bernie Kosar isn't noted for his mobility on the field, but he's proving he's got some nifty moves off the field.

He's spent Super Bowl week dodging leading questions by reporters.

For example, he keeps getting asked if he would like to join Norv Turner next week when the Dallas Cowboys' offensive coordinator is expected to be named the Washington Redskins' head coach.

Kosar's friends say he likes Washington because it has a grass field and a winning tradition. He could play while the Redskins groom a young quarterback such as Trent Dilfer or Heath Shuler.

Kosar danced away from that question although he didn't deny he's interested.

"Norv has a great answer. He's still not the coach there yet. He's not speculating on it. I'm not, either. I'll worry about next year when it comes. There's no secret that I do miss the playing and Norv and I have become good friends," he said.

He wouldn't even say he's leaving Dallas for a chance to play more.

Talking about his appreciation that the Cowboys gave him a chance when the Cleveland Browns cut him, he said: "It was a rough time when I was released in Cleveland. Coach Johnson and Jerry Jones really stepped up and showed a lot of confidence and respected me and gave me such a fantastic opportunity that I just don't want to discard that."

Speaking of Cleveland, isn't he tempted to needle the Browns and coach Bill Belichick for cutting him?

After all, when the Browns cut him, they said he had "diminished skills." Yet he saved the victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday when Aikman was injured.

Again, he ducked the question.

"It is [tempting]. There is a part of you that thinks about that. I've made it nine years in the NFL and there's a lot of pressure from the business end of it to justify and say things to make yourself look good and I really feel good that I can look myself in the mirror and say that I've never really cracked under the pressure of having to come out and justify and lash out and jump at people. I really feel that keeps you with a sense of dignity. I think that's the better way to handle things," he said.

The closest he came to making a sharp comment was when he was asked if he's the kind of guy who turns the other cheek.

"I've gotten the other side slapped,too. I'm running out of cheeks," he said.

Turner said: "He's been fabulous coming in here and handling the role he's had. I think this year has been good for him. I think he's been away from the physical part of playing and getting beat up like quarterbacks do. He looks rejuvenated to me."

Coming to Dallas also gave Kosar a shot at a Super Bowl ring at a timein his career when it was starting to look as if he never would get one. He played in three losing AFC title games in the 1980s.

"I never thought my chances had come and gone, but it does cross your mind after being so close the first five years in the

league and then the last couple to be having problems even making the playoffs. But I never reached the point of saying it's never going to happen," Kosar said.

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