School stationary is changed to put acting chief in letterhead

January 27, 1994|By Carol L. Bowers | Carol L. Bowers,Staff Writer

What's in a name? About $5,000 when it comes to printing new stationery for 113 Anne Arundel County schools and Board of Education headquarters so the letterhead includes Carol S. Parham's name and title as acting superintendent.

The new stationery was printed two weeks after Dr. Parham was appointed to the post July 31, but before C. Berry Carter II, the previous superintendent, resigned.

She was appointed while Mr. Carter was under investigation for mishandling child abuse allegations against teachers.

But don't think the money, the stationery left over from Mr. Carter's regime or any paper remaining from Dr. Parham's stint as acting superintendent will be wasted, said Jane Doyle, a spokeswoman for the school system.

"We recycle all our stationery at our print shop," she said. "We have it bound into scrap pads, and we use it here at the board.

"And we try to be frugal. We tried to supply the schools with stationery for a reasonable amount of time," Ms. Doyle added, noting that no one knows how long Dr. Parham will remain as acting superintendent.

The school board has promised to make a statement Feb. 2 on the search for a permanent superintendent.

Ms. Doyle said the school system will have to print new stationery when that person is appointed.

"Different titles have different connotations. In corresponding with people around the state and country, a title can be important," Ms. Doyle pointed out.

But she said the school system's stationery also is reprinted annually to include the names of new board members, as well as the change in officers. Each year there's a new president and vice president for the eight-member board, and the student member is replaced. Stationery also is printed anew when adult school board members, who serve five-year terms, depart.

Ms. Doyle could not immediately provide figures on how much was spent annually on stationery.

"We do massive reprinting anyway, like any large business," Ms. Doyle said. "We printed new stationery for Mr. Carter when he was named acting superintendent after Larry Lorton left as superintendent mid-year. We had to print new graduation tickets and diplomas as well that year. We try to gauge each year how much we're going to use, and if everything is status quo, that's fine. But if something happens mid-year, then obviously we have to make the changes."

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