Armed suspects stopped by police on entering store

January 26, 1994

County police arrested three people early yesterday as they allegedly were preparing to rob a Severn convenience store.

Sgt. Gregory Eshleman had been on patrol in the 7500 block of Ridge Road about 1:30 a.m. when he saw two men wearing athletic team jackets and ski masks walk into Uncle Marvin's Oasis.

He followed the men inside and saw they were filling out employment applications, according to police. But when he asked them to open their jackets, he saw that one man was carrying a 9mm handgun.

Sergeant Eshleman ordered both men to the floor. As he began handcuffing one man, the other ran out of the store. Sergeant FTC Eshleman followed the fleeing suspect, while a store customer detained the other. State troopers, searching with a helicopter, later arrested a man they said had run from the store. Police later detained a woman believed to have dropped the men off at the store.

Donald C. Thomas, 18, of the 1800 block of Oriole Court in Severn, was charged with attempted armed robbery, assault and battery, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon.

Michael Thomas Lurrell, 17, was charged as an adult with attempted armed robbery. Police gave no address. The woman, identified only as Michelle Jessica Ford, was charged with attempted armed robbery.

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