Hayden gives license to say 'liar'

January 26, 1994

Baltimore County Executive Roger B. Hayden's administration and school officials have exchanged unhappy words over budgets more than once. But Mr. Hayden upped the ante yesterday.

When a Catonsville woman called Mr. Hayden's weekly radio talk show to complain that the size of her daughter's gifted and talented class jumped from 15 students to 38 students in the fall and that school officials had told her it was due to "funding problems," Mr. Hayden had another explanation.

"If anyone tells you that again, call them a liar," the county executive said.

He said the school board decides how to spend money on education and his administration provided enough money to limit increases in class size to about two students per class.

"I'm using a tough word," Mr. Hayden said.

The county executive criticized what he said is the bad habit of "blaming it on somebody else."

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