Sykesville sets rules for builders

January 25, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writer

Sykesville will require residential developers to complete 50 percent of all public works improvements before any part of their security bond is returned.

The Town Council unanimously approved a Public Works Security Reduction Policy last night to help the town manager deal with pressures from developers.

As developers complete project phases, they frequently seek a return of the money in their security bond accounts with the town.

"We need to give the town manager guidelines for making bond reductions," said Dennis Hoover, town attorney.

"We can't do this willy-nilly, without parameters, and we can't be subject to pressures from developers," Mr. Hoover said.

In addition to completing half the work, the town also will require:

* Developers to maintain 115 percent of the estimated completion costs in the bond account.

* Not less than 20 percent of the original amount of the bond to remain in the account after any refund.

* Council approval at each stage of the reduction.

In other matters, the state Department of the Environment has notified the town of a public hearing on a proposed discharge permit into the Patapsco River at 7 p.m. Feb. 22 at the Town House.

Colonial Pipeline, which operates a tank farm in Woodbine, has applied for a discharge permit into the South Branch of the river, which runs along the town's border.

The council had discussed the permit and potential pollution to the river at its meeting Jan. 10 and had asked the state for a hearing.

"The Patapsco is a tremendous asset to the town, and its quality has deteriorated in the last several years," said Councilman Jonathan Herman. "We need to act. Something is wrong and we need to find out what."

Mr. Herman said many residents fish and wade in the river.

"We would like to make the river more accessible to people and better for them," he said.

Mr. Herman also asked county environmental representatives to attend the meeting.

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