After too many snow days, it's a vacation to get some work done


January 25, 1994|By MAUREEN RICE

Why did it snow, sleet and rain solid chunks of ice?

Blame El Nino.

Blame my daughter, who wished for snow.

Blame my husband, who went out of town each time it snowed.

El Nino may still be here, but my daughter now wants to move to Bermuda to escape the snow, and my husband has no plans to go out of town until February.

(Mark your calendars now. We will get at least one major snow next month, no doubt four hours after his plane departs.)

All of this, at least to me, means that my winter vacation has begun.

Vacation. That lovely time when the children go to school.

That wonderful time when lunch means packing a sack and forgetting about it.

That dreamed-of time when I can actually play with my vacuum cleaner instead of Barbie dolls, and the hum of the dryer means that it's almost time to fold clean laundry instead of dressing the children in now-dry snow clothes so that they can go out and get them soaked again.

I plan to forsake the ice rink we call our driveway and celebrate.

Pass the bonbons, please.


Act now, if you would like to protect your view -- and possibly your health.

At 9:30 a.m. Thursday in the county offices at 225 N. Center St., Westminster, a hearing with the Board of Zoning Appeals will be held to decide the fate of the proposed telecommunications tower at Hollenberry Road, Sykesville.

The zoning applicant, West Shore Communications Inc., insists the tower will improve cellular communications in the Sykesville area.

Kathy Heisch, who has organized a group to resist the Hollenberry Road tower, said she and other residents who have car phones report no problems with existing equipment and have found no area where conversations are cut off because existing equipment is inadequate.

They also contend the tower might cause health problems for nearby residents, it could become obsolete because satellites may perform the same function, and it may reduce property values.

"While there is now a freeze on applications for these towers, this application [for the Hollenberry Road site] is already in, and isn't affected by the freeze," Ms. Heisch said. "It can only be disapproved if it adversely affects the public interest or if it is a detriment to the neighborhood."


The snow is finally melting and you're tired of being cooped up, kick up your heels -- it's time to dance.

Don't know how to do the electric slide or the country strut?

That's OK. You can learn them now, to the selections of disc jockey "Just Country" in the Sykesville-Freedom Fire Hall at Route 32 and Freedom Avenue.

The fire auxiliary is sponsoring "Beginner Country Dancing" from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. each Wednesday, from Feb. 2 to the end of April.

Payment of $4 per person pays for three hours of dancing for beginners and those who just want to dance or polish their skills.

Registration is not necessary.

"New dances will be taught each night, so if you want to learn all you can, just come to each of the dances," said Sue Tarrant, auxiliary president.

Instructors Scott Fleming and Sue Kelch will teach.

Included in the roster of steps are the El Paso, waltz, 16 step, cha cha, Z step, Chattahoochee, slap leather, country strut and tush push, in addition to line dancing.

Ms. Tarrant said that though the hall can hold 200 people, the auxiliary is anxious it may have to turn people away.

"There's a lot of enthusiasm for this. Just the other day I was talking with a lady to arrange a wedding reception and I happened to mention the dancing. She forgot all about the reception to ask about the classes and plans to bring all her friends."

Each evening will feature two sets of half-hour lessons, followed by an hour of open dance.

The auxiliary will sell coffee, soda and chips each evening.

All proceeds will benefit the Fire Department.

Information: 795-8021.

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