With surgery, she puts forth her 'new face'

January 25, 1994|By Robert Timberg | Robert Timberg,Staff Writer

Rep. Helen Delich Bentley seems delighted with the question. She smiles and crinkles her eyes, as if her day would have been incomplete had she not been asked about her new, more youthful features.

"Did I have a face lift? No. Did I have some work done? Yes," she says. Pressing index fingers into her cheeks, she adds, "I had a couple of little fatty pieces removed."

Mrs. Bentley, at 70, is the oldest candidate running for governor. There has been little discussion of her age to date in the campaign, but judging from the face-lift rumors jamming the political circuits in recent weeks it has the potential to become one.

"Let me tell you this, my dear," she says. "I have always worked to make myself look better. In 1948, I redid my nose. In 1956 TC redid my jaw. Now I'm going to be the best-looking new face in Annapolis that they've ever had.

"If they want new faces, I'm it."

Mrs. Bentley, an ex-newspaperwoman with a reputation as a tough taskmaster and hard campaigner, displayed a gentler side when asked yesterday in Annapolis about her latest fling with cosmetic surgery.

To hear her tell it, she's only getting better.

"I'm going to have a new body because I'm losing weight," she says. "I've got a new hairdo. I've got new makeup, so I'm going to be very sharp."

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