Balkan Update

January 25, 1994

Secretary of State Warren M. Christopher was in PARIS to meet French leaders, who want the United States to intervene militarily in Bosnia. In WASHINGTON, President Clinton remained cautious, saying that there were limits to how much the international community could do to halt bloodshed and that there was no consensus among NATO leaders for air strikes.

Only swift, retaliatory air strikes will end aggression by the warring factions, Lt. Gen. Francis Briquemont of Belgium said in SARAJEVO, where his command of U.N. peacekeepers was transfered Lt. Gen. Sir Michael Rose of Britain.

Artillery and machine-gun fire hit Sarajevo for several hours and Bosnian Muslim forces reportedly made gains against rebel Serbs west of ZVORNIK.

Two brothers who were wounded by shelling Saturday in Sarajevo were airlifted to BOLOGNA, Italy for treatment. Six children were killed in the barrage. Serbs besieging the city have denied responsibility.

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