Think reporters had a tough time trying to convince...


January 24, 1994

SO YOU think reporters had a tough time trying to convince Clinton to describe the specifics of the nuclear disarmament pact between Ukraine, Russia and the United States? Just try getting the Hershey chocolate people to reveal their classified .. plans for the centennial celebration of the Hershey chocolate bar.

The Hershey bar has become the standard against which all other candy bars are measured. The company has occasionally altered the basic version by adding almonds or, most recently, a delicious mint-cookie flavor and texture.

But the old plain and simple chunk of chocolate remains the most beloved. And, surprisingly, the most enigmatic.

Hershey's Department of Corporate Communications has hired a New York public relations firm to handle the 100th birthday celebration, and they're not releasing any of the secrets of their success until the exact date of the anniversary, sometime next month.

But it never hurts to ask!

When we talked to Lauren Snyder, the P.R. consultant who's handling the centennial celebration, she skillfully bribed us with free chocolate to wait until next month before running any anniversary-related information.

Sweet and smooth, just like her product.

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