Daughter of Amy Click and sister of...


January 24, 1994

BRITNY COOK, 8, daughter of Amy Click and sister of Brandon, 3, of Westminster.

School: third-grader at William Winchester Elementary School.

Honored for: Making excellent progress in reading this year in a tutorial program, according to Assistant Principal Chris Sparr.

Britny also wants to learn more about computers and join the after-school computer club. Outside school, she models for Cranberry Mall.

Britny had trouble with reading earlier in the year, but got help from teachers in a one-on-one tutoring program.

"I think she's doing great [reading]," Ms. Click said. "I'm really proud of her and the teachers that worked with her in that program."

Goals: "For a career, I want to be a lawyer and a model," Britny said.

Comments: "I like to read books, poems and fairy tales," Britny said. "My favorite book? I'm not sure. I've got a lot."

Modeling at the mall is "real fun, and you get to learn stuff likhow to do the steps and freeze-modeling," she said.

She wants to be a lawyer, too, she said. "I like to help people with stuff, help them with their bills."

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