Westminster condo residents want rebate for lack of services

January 24, 1994|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff Writer

Parr's Ridge residents should receive a tax rebate because they pay for city services they don't receive, said Del. Richard N. Dixon, a Carroll Democrat.

Mr. Dixon said he plans to introduce legislation in the General Assembly that would give residents a tax break.

Residents of Westminster's only condominium development have been seeking relief for more than a year. They approached Mr. Dixon after efforts to persuade city officials failed.

Parr's Ridge is on Pleasanton Road, near Uniontown Road and Route 31, and has 168 units. Its first building was finished in 1989.

F. Edward Wright, president of the Parr's Ridge Condominium Association, said residents pay about $16,000 a year for street lighting and trash and snow removal.

These are services normally paid for through city taxes, he said.

Condo residents also pay $6,000 to $10,000 a year to a fund for future repairs to roads and the sewage and storm water management systems, Mr. Wright said.

These also are services city taxes should pay for, residents say.

Parr's Ridge residents pay about $48,000 a year in city taxes, Mr. Wright said.

City Attorney John B. Walsh Jr. said last summer that the city cannot grant the residents a tax rebate.

The city does not provide lighting or snow and trash removal on private streets, and Parr's Ridge is on a private street, officials said.

The city provides those services for single-family homes, townhouses and apartment buildings with up to three units.

"We're paying full taxes, and we're not getting any city services," resident and condo association board member Ralph G. Hooper said last week.

Baltimore attorney Cynthia K. Hitt, who represents the condo association, said Friday that at least two other cities in Maryland -- Baltimore in certain circumstances and Ocean City -- provide services to condo owners.

Mr. Dixon said last week he hoped to introduce a bill for Parr's Ridge residents early this week.

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