Baltimore boycottBaltimore football fans unite!The NFL has...


January 23, 1994

Baltimore boycott

Baltimore football fans unite!

The NFL has taken us for granted too long. We've been used and abused, all to line the pockets of those greedy NFL owners. And commissioner Paul Tagliabue has made particular sport of us. Our course of action -- boycott the Super Bowl!

Perhaps one of the local TV stations could counter-program the Super Bowl with a tape of the 1958 Colts-Giants championship game -- "The Greatest Game Ever Played!" There could be commentary by such former greats as Johnny Unitas, Artie Donovan and Tom Matte. Other highlights of the glory years could be shown. Jim Speros also could appear to discuss his efforts to bring the CFL Colts to Baltimore.

We are sure that every Baltimore citizen would seize this opportunity to flex our collective economic muscle. Boycott the Super Bowl!

Vernon Gentile


Cindy Goodman

Bel Air

Conditional Redskins fan

We'll take the Redskins, but under these conditions:

* Jack Kent Cooke will sell the team to Boogie Weinglass and have nothing else to do with them.

* They will have to change their name, say, to the Baltimore Knights (the state sport is jousting).

* We get rid of the Redskins' players and coaches, mainly Mark Rypien. Jim Mora has a good quarterback he doesn't use, Steve Walsh.

* Go ahead and build the stadium at Camden Yards. We will come!

This way we won't have to be called a Washington area when we don't even like the Redskins. Also, we would be in the NFC East, therefore we won't have to play the Indianapolis Colts.



Stop your griping

"The NFL is boring." Those are the words proclaimed by sportswriters and fans who invite anyone who's listening to join them on the bandwagon of cynicism.

In baseball, a 1-0 game is called a pitching duel or gem, but low-scoring NFL games are almost always described as dull.

Low-scoring NFL games can be exciting. One reason given for all those "boring" games is parity in the league. But these people complaining about parity are the same people who are whining about Super Bowl blowouts.

So until offenses rebound, why don't you cynics catch a movie or return your Christmas gifts? The NFL will get by without you.

Bob Cusack


Bring on the CFL

The Colts might return to Baltimore, and this time without Robert Irsay!

The NFL Colts will continue to put fans to sleep in Indianapolis with the leadership of Mr. Irsay. A group headed by James Speros is trying to get a CFL team to play at Memorial Stadium this summer.

There are three main reasons why we should support Speros:

The first is the number of 3-0 games the CFL had last season? The NFL has gotten so boring that it is planning to have a snooze alarm to replace the 40-second clock.

The second is that the CFL Colts have a chance to make the playoffs before the end of the next century. If teams made the playoffs by losing, the Indianapolis Colts would be considered a dynasty.

The third reason is that if we got behind the CFL Colts the NFL would be more likely to award us an expansion franchise when they expand again. High fan support also would help us lure an existing franchise.

Marcus Ronaldi


Keep Brady in box

So, the Orioles signed Brady Anderson again. It means another season of boring baseball unless Johnny Oates can figure some way to keep Anderson from leaving the batter's box between every pitch.

Sydney Hankoff

Owings Mills


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