From The Sun Jan. 23-29, 1844Jan. 24: The New York Sun of...


January 23, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 23-29, 1844

Jan. 24: The New York Sun of Monday says: "We regret to learn by letter, direct from the Hermitage, that General Andrew Jackson is in feeble health, and it is feared cannot long survive."

From The Sun Jan. 23-29, 1894

Jan. 27: As the Baltimore and Lehigh Railroad train which left Baltimore at 9:20 yesterday morning was approaching Belair one of the car windows was smashed. It was at first thought that some one had thrown a stone through the window. Search was made and instead of a stone the body of a good-size partridge was found on the floor.

From The Sun Jan. 23-29, 1944

Jan. 25: The brothers Shubert brought to Ford's Theater last night one of the most entertaining and beautiful productions of "The Student Prince" this reviewer has ever seen.

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