Getting a grip on carpal tunnel syndromeHere are two new...


January 23, 1994

Getting a grip on carpal tunnel syndrome

Here are two new products aimed at preventing carpal tunnel syndrome:

Carpal Tunnel Prevention Glove is for cyclists, autoworkers, weight lifters and others who develop wrist injuries from repeated or prolonged gripping movements. It was designed by Dr. Robert Spitzer, a cyclist and neurologist at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., and the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Unlike gloves with pads across the median nerve -- the part of the wrist most prone to injury from repetitive motions -- this one has a groove over the nerve that directs lTC pressure from gripping outward to parts of the palm that can withstand pressure. Not recommended for those whose problem comes from other causes, such as typing. Suggested retail price is $35 a pair. Manufactured by Saranac Glove Co. of Green Bay, Wis. To order, call (313) 360-0527, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Carpal Care kit contains two adjustable resistance bands and a booklet with exercises and information on how to prevent the syndrome, or to reduce or eliminate the problem. It's $15.95. The manufacturer, Repetitive Motion Trauma Corp., a Deerfield, Ill.-based company, specializes in medical and fitness products. To order, call (800) 488-SPRI, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.

What's new at the zoos?

Visit America's zoos in a series of 30-minute tapes available through the Rand McNally gift catalog. The tapes feature zoos in San Diego; Tampa; Columbus, Ohio; Monterey, Calif., and New Orleans. $19.95. Among other items in the current 48-page catalog: replicas of famous highway signs, travel books and videotapes, T-shirts, foreign language tapes, a collection of road maps covering all 50 states, and wall maps and globes. Call (800) 234-0679, 7 a.m. to midnight weekdays, 8 a.m. to midnight weekends.

Just for kids

For the younger set, Tucson, Ariz.-based Lisa Frank has added a day planner and a desk set to her line of colorful school supplies.

Ms. Frank's Agenda is a fun version of an adult day planner that includes some of her characters, among them the golden retrievers Casey and Camus, Rapper Bears Fuzzy B and Hubba Cub and the Ballerina Bunnies.

The new Desk Set for home use is designed "to give kids a special area where they can do their homework and to help make homework time more enjoyable," says a Frank spokeswoman. It includes a blotter, note pad holder and paper, a pencil holder and six pencils. The designs are varied, and all done in Ms. Frank's brilliant blues, pinks, purples and yellows.

Agenda ($2.99) and Desk Set ($9.99) are available at Target, Toys 'R' Us, Wal-Mart, Price Club and Eckerd stores.

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