Around the house* Save energy. Make sure no heat-producing...


January 22, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Save energy. Make sure no heat-producing appliance, lamp or TV is near the thermostat. Heat generated from these can cause an inaccurate thermostat reading.

* Remove coffee and tea stains from china cups. Pour an equal amount of salt and white vinegar in cups and let stand. Rub off stains with a soft cloth and rinse with clear water.

* Recycle pieces of soap. Gather small bits of soap and place in a glass. Add water and soak. Pour into blender, liquefy and pour into empty liquid soap bottle.

* Save money and help the environment. Use wax paper for food wrapping and microwave cooking. Aluminum foil can be washed and reused. Reuse plastic bags. Store leftover food in reusable containers.

* If pot is about to boil over, toss in a few ice cubes. If too late, pour salt onto the spill to ease cleanup.

* Remove scuff marks on leather shoes with silver polish. Rings around fiberglass tubs can also be removed with silver polish.

In the garden

* Inspect houseplants for mealy bugs. Their soft bodies have a white cotton-like covering. You will find them in clusters at the stem and leaf joints. Remove insects by swabbing leaves with rubbing alcohol.

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