At last, quiz kids, a challenge as rare as a warm day in January


January 21, 1994|By DAN RODRICKS

Iced in again, huh? Home with the kids again, eh? Running a cabin-fever, are you? Eyes glazing over? Brain lame? Here's something to stir you awake. It's a quiz. Just for fun. Just to jump-start your brain. A little treat from your bottom-of-the-page columnist. It's a mildly amusing way to pass a winter's day or, hopefully, an entire weekend. Answers will appear in Monday's This Just In. So, if you get stuck, call friends or relatives. Or, have the neighbors over, make some grilled cheese sandwiches and have a Dan Rodricks Quiz Party.

1. From TV: Elly May was to Jed as someone was to Samantha. Name her.

2. Unscramble these letters to get to the root of something to eat: H I A L O K B R.

3. Nagano in '98, but where in '94?

4. 508 on 10/19/87. What's the significance?

5. Famous quote from 1993: "I have nothing more to prove." Who said it?

6. According to Harper's Index, what was the best-selling book in Cuba last year? (a.) The Age of Innocence (b.) One Hundred Years of Solitude (c.) Ivanhoe (d.) The Bonfire of the Vanities.

7. Three of his plays, "Idiot's Delight," "There Shall Be No Night," and "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" won Pulitzer Prizes, but his best, "The Petrified Forest" did not.

8. The "Gullwing" -- we're talking a snazzy, six-cylinder, seven-liter car of 1955. What make?

9. In the 1958 All-Star Game played in Baltimore, Orioles pitcher Billy O'Dell retired the last nine National League batters. Name them (Just kidding! This is a freebie. They were, in the order O'Dell put them down, Johnny Logan, Willie Mays, Lee Walls, Stan Musial, Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Frank Thomas, Bill Mazeroski and Del Crandall.) Can you name the Hall of Famers in that group?

10. Twenty-five years ago, in the Super Bowl III upset of the beloved Colts, this New York Jet caught eight passes for 133 yards. (Don't go looking this up in a sports almanac!)

11. What's the significance of these four numbers: 1912 and 1,595; 1985 and 12,000?

12. More TV characters: He hated the idea of cooking pizza for an Italian prisoner of war, but Hogan made him do it. Name that little guy.

13. Don't look this up in the Oxford! If I called you a "puddingwife," would you be (a.) a large wooden spoon, (b.) an obese, unmarried woman, or (c.) a woman who sells sausage?

14. Yet another word scramble. These letters, arranged and spaced appropriately, give the full name of a prominent person longing for acceptance in Maryland: KOEENCTACOKJK.

15. Fifty years ago, what the French called "Le Debarquement."

16. Maryland city, a "model community," built during the New Deal.

17. Its Latin name is Callinectes sapidus. Oh, come on, in Maryland, if you eat it, you should know it.

18. Another word scramble. Rearrange these letters to find the name of a great athlete: V V L T R A A A O I N.

19. Identify Dolly Varden: (a.) British suffragette of the 19th century (b.) Ernest Hemingway's second wife (c.) A char, relative of the Eastern brook trout.

20. Famous quote from 40 years ago: "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?" Who said it to whom?

21. Name the three big "farm" films of 1984. One starred Jessica, one Sissy, one Sally.

22. Name the owners of these three famous dogs: Checkers, Sandy and Astro.

23. Don't turn to the horoscope. Quick! What sign of the zodiac is represented by the ram?

24. I sigh to think that his real first and middle names -- Denton True -- have been forgotten. And that's no curveball. Who is he?

25. Former president of a Spanish-speaking nation whose last name was that of a major Spanish-speaking city.

26. Who has appeared in more All-Star games, Eddie Murray or Jim Palmer?

27. Unjumble -- is that a word? -- these letters and have the name of a company that sells something delicious (don't forget the hyphen): ABROBNBINSSKI

28. Complete this old Baltimore jingle: "Milk n' butter n' eggs n' cheese, fresh from the farm to you. . . ."

29. In Boston, what day is Prince Spaghetti Day?

30. True or False: I once saw a sign in West Baltimore that said, "Steamed Females, $4 a dozen, no tricks."

31. From the world of bygone TV commercials, this question: How do you stop paying the "elbow tax"?

32. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Patrick and Benjamin Binder, 1987. Name that medical feat.

33. According to John Galsworthy, what "increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem"? (a.) "One's sense of obligation" (b.) "Idealism" (c.) "One's unwillingness to pay taxes for social ills"

34. In what sport might you use a "rusty comparadun"?

35. In what sport will you find the Essendon Bombers playing against the Carlton Blues?

36. In Maryland, what's the significance of March 25th?

37. What Baltimore company's well-known phone number once began, BElmont5?

38. What did Al Fradkin sell?

39. It happened to Earl Weaver 94 times in his career, the last time on June 11, 1986.

40. No cheating. If I called you a snood, would you be (a.) An antique golf club, (b.) a once fashionable hair net (c.) an obnoxious child.

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