JEANNE Moreau no doubt has a number of fans in Baltimore...


January 20, 1994

JEANNE Moreau no doubt has a number of fans in Baltimore, especially after her memorable performance as Aunt Lili in the new movie, "The Summer House." So it's worth noting that, for her part, the French actress is a fan of Baltimore. In a recent interview with the New York Times she spoke of her disdain for Europeans who profess dislike for the United States:

"When I hear people in Europe talk about 'the Americans,' I say, 'You don't know a thing about the Americans'," she said. "This is an incredible country. Maybe because of the way it started. Like a holy land, a new Jerusalem. I walk the streets in Boston and Baltimore and Washington and New York, and it's thrilling for me. Everyone is so . . . different. It's so mixed."

* * *

TWENTY-FIVE years ago Richard M. Nixon was inaugurated president of the United States.

His living to celebrate the silver anniversary of his inauguration sets him apart from most presidents. Only five other presidents made it. They are John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Martin Van Buren and Herbert Hoover. Hoover set the record. He was inaugurated on March 4, 1929, and didn't die till Oct. 20, 1964.

Nixon would have to live till the summer of 2004 to break Hoover's record.

Also 25 years ago today, Spiro Agnew was inaugurated vice president. Lots of vice presidents made it past 25 years: Jefferson, Aaron Burr, John C. Calhoun, Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, Hannibal Hamlin, Levi P. Morton, Charles Dawes, John Nance Garner, Harry Truman and Nixon.

Nixon holds the record in this crowd. He was inaugurated vice president 41 years ago today.

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