Taneytown forms committee to study use of gun club property

January 20, 1994|By Traci A. Johnson | Traci A. Johnson,Staff Writer

The Taneytown city government has formed a committee to recommend development strategies for the former Taneytown Rod and Gun Club property on Stumptown Road.

The nine-member committee, including Councilman W. Robert Flickinger, will formulate ideas, study their feasibility and present them to the City Council for discussion.

"It's going to be a park just like our other community park," said Mr. Flickinger. "Now there will be a park on the east end of town."

The city paid gun club owners $545,900 for the parcel, the club's buildings and a pond on the property in October 1992, but did not take possession until a year later under the settlement agreement.

Gun club officials purchased 128 acres on Shoemaker Road just outside Carroll County, but have been unable to operate a shooting range on the property because Frederick County officials will not grant the club the necessary exception to the zoning ordinance.

Godfrey Miller, the gun club's president, said the group is in litigation to build a shooting range on the new site.

Frederick County officials claim the dirt and gravel road leading to the parcel, with several 90-degree turns near Starner's Dam, is inadequate for the club's use because emergency vehicles would have difficulty getting to the site.

Several residents have come to the Taneytown council meetings to suggest uses for the old property. Aside from the park idea, people have suggested a recreation center or a youth center.

Mayor Henry I. Reindollar Jr. said he suggested that the council form a citizens committee because council members appeared unable to discuss the issue.

Mr. Flickinger said he expressed interest in joining the committee when it was formed, so the mayor made him chairman.

Among other things, the committee will discuss how to raise money.

"We have three pavilions that can be used during the summer months," Mr. Flickinger said.

He said the committee's recommendation would include proposed rental fees. "And we bought about 6 acres to the south side of the park . . . and that is to be two [playing] fields and a tennis court."

"This all takes a lot of money, to excavate the land, but we'll talk about that, too, how to get the money," Mr. Flickinger said. "It would be nice if we could get a couple of community service clubs together to help."

He said that during his tenure as Taneytown Lions president, he worked with the Kiwanis Club to build two baseball diamonds in town.

The committee has not had its first meeting, but Mr. Flickinger said he plans to get the group together this week or next.

"We have no timetable as of yet, but I'd kind of like to have something to take to the council in February," he said.

The next meeting of the Taneytown city council is scheduled for Feb. 14.

"We'd like to give them something to discuss, or cuss, or whatever."

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