Frigid weather disrupts school calendar

January 20, 1994|By Lan Nguyen | Lan Nguyen,Staff Writer

An article in yesterday's editions on weather disruptions of school calendars contained errors about Harford County schools. Report cards will be issued Feb. 11, and the functional citizenship test will be given to ninth-graders.

The Sun regrets the errors.

The icy weather that has made road conditions a headache also has made school calendars a mess.

State functional testing programs that were scheduled for this week and next week have been delayed, and high school sports that were supposed to be played have been canceled, at least for now.

Students who are jumping for joy because they've had an unexpected, extended vacation this week won't be so happy later, when they have to make up "snow days" as part of the state's 180-school-day mandate.


Baltimore City

Baltimore school officials made allowances for two snow days but have used up three -- the third one today. City officials are uncertain when the third day will be made up, according Donna Franks, a school system spokeswoman.

Officials said yesterday it is premature to decide when to reschedule tests and other activities.

"In the days after we go back, we will know, and we will make a decision at that time," spokesman Nat Harrington said.

Baltimore County

Baltimore County students will be shaving off one day of a scheduled four-day Presidents' Day weekend. Any additional days will be made up during spring break, which runs March 28 to 31.

Baltimore County school officials had scheduled two days as snow days in this year's school calendar.

Harford County

Today's closing marks the sixth time Harford County students have been off this winter because of bad weather. School officials made allowances for only four snow days, and come June, students will be making up the two extra days and any additional time, according to Donald R. Morrison, school spokesman.

"It's regrettable," he said, adding that students are less productive in June than in the winter. "Even students who are happy to be out of school right now will realize they have to make the days up. Come June, . . . they won't be as happy."

Since Harford County students returned to school Jan. 3, the Monday after winter break, they've had only three full days of school. In addition to the six days off for bad weather, they've started classes two hours late on four days.

"We have not had a full day of school for more than a week," Mr. Morrison said.

Harford school officials have had to push the end of the semester back a week and will delay issuing report cards until Feb. 4, a week after they were scheduled to be in parents' hands.

On the first day ninth-graders come back, they will be expected to finish the second half of the state functional writing test.

Officials have also had to postpone giving the state functional citizenship test to 10th-graders until Feb. 1, though they will be asking the state to extend the Feb. 4 deadline to give students the test.

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