Chris Wunder's style of dressing has some real snap


January 20, 1994|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Staff Writer

Chris Wunder's suspenders say it all. His 80 pairs -- featuring roosters, golfers, presidents and other patterns -- let him have fun with his clothes without appearing unprofessional.

On business trips, Mr. Wunder, co-owner of Receivables Management Corporation, a billing and collection company in Linthicum, says he's most often referred to as "the guy with the suspenders."

That suits him just fine.

"Look, I'm 6 foot 5," says Mr. Wunder, 35, who lives in Timonium. "I get a lot more comments about my suspenders than about being tall. That wasn't always the way."

How would you describe your style?

I consider myself a conservative dresser. The only thing out of the ordinary is that I own a lot of pairs of suspenders. I barely own a belt.

How did that start?

There's a prominent accountant in town who wore them a lot. I liked the look. Suspenders gave me the opportunity to take a basic gray suit and dress it up. In '87 or '88, I started buying some.

How do you choose them?

I have several different groups. I have eight or nine holiday pairs that

I wear from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I have shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. I have bulls and bears, pictures of Abe Lincoln, St. Nicholas.

Do you ever feel silly wearing Abe Lincoln on your chest?

Not at all. It's a clean professional look. It's not a goofed-up look.

Which pair has elicited the strongest reaction?

Either Mona Lisa or George Washington. One day I was wearing the George Washington pair and a guy asked me, "Is that Barbara Bush?"

Where do you buy yours?

Right now the best assortment is at Nordstrom, but I buy some in Chicago, too. They usually run from $50 to $140.

Why do you wear them?

I think it dresses up what I wear. I like being a little different from the average businessman without looking out of the ordinary. A lot of times when I'm out of town I find that I'm referred to as the guy with the suspenders.

Does it complicate getting dressed in the morning?

One of the most difficult things is getting a tie that works. A tie with an exact pattern as the suspenders is a bad look. That's a no-no. I call it cheap.

What's your favorite look?

A dark charcoal gray suit, white shirt, a pair of black suspenders with a silver dollar pattern and a gray tie with red squares on it.

What about on the weekends?

I have one pair of clip-on suspenders. They're rubber with cartoon characters on them. I might wear those with jeans.

In this weather, how do you keep yourself looking good?

The one thing I swore I'd never do is wear galoshes. When I was a kid, my mother made me wear them and I thought they were dorky. Now I have a pair at the office and another pair at home. I'm never without them.

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