Snow, ice postponements put press on rescheduling


January 19, 1994|By PAT O'MALLEY

What bad timing for this Arctic hit of ice and snow, it is.

No school, no games again today and with exams coming up, county coordinator of physical education Rick Wiles would rather be cracking ice in his driveway than solving this mess.

"We are faced with back-to-back games Thursday and Friday, but that's going without practice," says Wiles, the county coordinator of physical education.

"There can be no make-ups Monday or Tuesday [next week], because it's exam week. The kids can't play until Wednesday. Moving Tuesday's [yesterday's] games to [next] Wednesday is an alternative."

Wiles says a decision on the make-ups will be made today.

On another matter, isn't it time the county physical education department stepped in and did something about the marathon JV girls basketball games that are inconveniencing everyone?

I posed that question to Wiles. First, some background.

The JV girls basketball games start at 3:30 or 4 p.m. with the varsity girls set to follow at 5:15 p.m. and the boys varsity at 7 p.m. at many schools. For those schools scheduling the varsity boys at 7:30 p.m., the varsity girls tip off 15 minutes later (5.30 p.m.).

More often than not, the boys' games get late starts and an actual 7 p.m. start is rare when there is a tripleheader. Many of the girls' JV games are lengthened by a seemingly endless march to the foul line.

There's a story that one referee had to put a new pea in his whistle at halftime of a game because he wore out the original calling touch fouls.

Too many scheduled 7 p.m. games start closer to 7:30. Friday at

Meade, the scheduled 7 p.m. boys game got under way at 8 p.m. Too many 7:30 games are starting closer to 8 p.m.

"Believe it or not, the athletic directors are telling me that the situation has improved this year," says Wiles.

"But I know there are still problems."

I had five or six parents and/or fans approach me at Meade Friday and ask, "When is the county going to get this straightened out? It's ridiculous."

One father said, "I rushed to get here by seven, walk in the gym, and the girls' game is still in the final period. It's really not fair.

"Why tell us 7 p.m. if they hardly ever start at seven? Of course, the one night you think you've got extra time, they start on time."

Too often, punctuality is slam dunked. Starting times have been a constant problem for a couple years, and if they have improved as Wiles notes, we still have a way to go.

Some have suggested putting a curfew on the girls' JV games, or resorting to running time (clock runs during free throws) to remedy this ridiculous situation.

They could play 20-minute halves using running time until the final two minutes, or 10-minute running time periods, whatever.

"Can't do it, unless you do the same to the boys' games," said Wiles. "Equity, Title IX, keeps us from changing it unless our rules committee mandates it. But I doubt if they would, because we would be in court in a lick."

While waiting for last Friday's girls varsity game to end at Meade, Annapolis boys basketball coach John Brady kept his Meade counterpart, Butch Young, amused .

Brady promised a forfeit and a victory ride if Young got career win No. 400 against Annapolis.

"If you've got it won in the final seconds, I'll make sure No. 400 is a shutout by taking my team off the floor and giving you a 2-0 forfeit," Brady said.

"And after it's over, I'll give you [Young] a piggyback ride around the gym."

Unfortunately for Young, he didn't get to take Brady up on his promises as Annapolis rolled to a 96-72 victory.

With the state wrestling tournaments coming up next month, how would you wrestling enthusiasts feel about a second official for the state tournament?

George Fisher of Meade thinks it would ensure accuracy and avoid controversy. There have been some controversial decisions made by soloofficials in the state tournaments and some think the second official would enhance the already high level of officiating.

If you have an opinion, leave it on my 24-Hour Sportsline, (410) 647-2499.

On the ice, rink, that is, not our local streets, Navy's club team (10-2) split a pair of games in Boston over the weekend, defeating Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 9-6, Saturday and losing, 6-4, to Worcester Poly Institute on Sunday.

Coach Jim Barry got two goals each from Brian Erickson, Joe Case and Rob Doherty and 26 saves from Sam DeCastro to highlight the victory over MIT.

There weren't any highlights Sunday and all Barry could say was, "I'm sick. We gave up three goals on just six shots in the first period, pathetic."

Navy plays host to Eastern Collegiate Hockey Association rival Delaware at 2 p.m. Sunday. The two teams are tied for first in the ECHA and Navy won the league championship by 8-3 over the Blue Hens in last year's final.

Finally, Minnesota Fats won't be there, but a group of outstanding female pool players will be chalking up their sticks at Crofton Billiards (on Priest Bridge Road) tonight.

The Ladies Billiards Pro Tour will put on a free exhibition beginning at 7 p.m. tonight in Crofton.

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