Months ago in this space, we offered a partial list...


January 19, 1994

A FEW months ago in this space, we offered a partial list o the latest teen slang as a service to all those culturally benighted souls who aren't aware that "dissing my mom duke" means "speaking disrespectfully to my mother," among countless other terms of teen-age code language.

As part of this paper's continuing effort to bring "light to all" -- especially if you had no idea what those kids walking behind you at the mall last week were talking about -- we offer yet another sampling of teen-speak.

These phrases were compiled earlier this month by the Los Angeles Daily News. Learn them fast, before they go out of style -- if they haven't already.

* Bank: money.

* Beauteous maximus: a good deal, good job.

* Biggums: overweight.

* Chog: someone from New England.

* Circle of death: a bad pizza.

* Demoto: someone who is unmotivated and not doing well in school.

* Duggy: stylishly dressed. ("I'll be looking duggy come the first day of school.")

* Flex: to leave.

* High postage: a conceited woman.

* I'm sideways: goodbye.

* Joints: any popular brand of sneakers.

* L-12: stupid times 12.

* Mobile: attractive.

* Momaflage: to conceal an item from mother in a suitcase.

* Old boy: father.

* Old girl: mother.

* Phat flavor: good music.

* Pimp: a cool guy who's popular with girls.

* Spoink: an indefinite unit of measure. ("It was, oh, three spoinks high. I don't know.")

* Sweet hookup: a good deal.

* Take the L train: to lose at something.

* To the curb: dumped by one's girlfriend or boyfriend.

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