Balkan Update

January 18, 1994

Bosnian Serb leaders threatened to unleash "all-out war" against the Muslim-led government if peace talks opening today in GENEVA end without agreement. "This round of negotiations will mark a definite turning point," said Radovan Karadzic.

The Bosnian army reportedly fought off a fierce Serb onslaught at OLOVO and continues to score successes against Bosnian Croat forces in central Bosnia. The recent army successes follow months of intense reorganization, during which renegades were purged from the ranks and top military leaders were replaced.

Meeting in GENEVA, Islamic countries gave their strongest backing yet to Bosnia's Muslim leadership. They renewed calls for a U.N. arms embargo to be lifted, asked for air strikes against Bosnian Serbs besieging Muslim enclaves and issued a veiled threat of economic action against Western nations deemed to be blocking the peace process.

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