Daughter of Nancy Tavenner and sister...


January 17, 1994

KELLY TAVENNER, 10, daughter of Nancy Tavenner and sister of Holly, 12, of Marriottsville.

School: Fifth-grader at Carrolltowne Elementary School.

Honored for: Starting a new segment, "Question of the Week," on the school's weekly half-hour news show on closed-circuit television, and having a positive attitude, said Principal Nancy Chapin.

"Whenever anybody here needs help, she's there," Mrs. Chapin said. "Whatever she's doing, she's always one of the leaders."

Kelly also participates in the extended enrichment program at school, which provides academic and creative projects in addition to regular classroom work.

She and her sister have not been daunted by their mother's multiple health problems, which have required hospitalization and surgery, nor by the unexpected death of their father, Robert, from a heart attack three years ago, Mrs. Tavenner said.

"This child [Kelly] deals with a lot of responsibility and worry, yet she functions at a good level in spite of this," Mrs. Tavenner said. "Sometimes I feel like she's pulling me along."

Goals: "I want to be an architect," Kelly said. During a recent group assignment at school, she and three other students were assigned to build a bridge. Another student was the architect, but Kelly was fascinated by the job, she said.

Comments: "I like doing things. I don't like sitting around and doing nothing. I like to do things to help other people, so I guess it does come naturally."

Her favorite subjects are the writing workshop, math and social studies.

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