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C. P.

January 17, 1994

C. P. Krishnamurthy

School: Centennial High School

Hometown: Ellicott City

Age: 16

C. P. is a senior and captain of the school's "It's Academic" team, which recently won its first televised round against two rival schools. He is a straight-A student who is also a top-ranking Math Team member and who runs varsity track.

He also is a National Merit semifinalist and a Maryland Distinguished Scholar finalist. He writes for Vanguard, a school humor magazine, and volunteers with the American Red Cross.

Over the summer, he worked with doctors at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore studying frozen brain samples of people with adrenoleukodystrophy, a disease that was the subject of the movie "Lorenzo's Oil." Using a high-performance liquid chromatography method, he compared brain cells of people with the disease with brain cells of people who don't have the disease. He continues to visit the institute to do additional work.

Plans: He wants to attend either medical or ophthalmology school.

His comments: "Don't let any opportunities go by. Try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along. And don't waste any talent you may have."

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