Graham urges Japanese to spread the gospelEvangelist Billy...


January 17, 1994

Graham urges Japanese to spread the gospel

Evangelist Billy Graham told the Japanese their business know-how could help spread Christianity worldwide.

The 45,000-strong crowd at the Tokyo Dome on Saturday was a record for a Christian gathering in Japan. More than 36,000 came to see Pope John Paul II in 1981.

Mr. Graham, 75, said one reason for coming to Japan was that "you have businessmen all over the world selling Japanese products. You can do the same with the gospel."

Former police chief says radio station robbed him

Call the police! Former Los Angeles police Chief Daryl Gates says he's been robbed.

The alleged culprit is the radio station that took him in after his reluctant retirement.

Mr. Gates contends KFI-AM reneged on a promised bonus for raising ratings on his talk show. His contract was not renewed, and he ended the 15-month broadcast stint Dec. 31.

He hired a lawyer to seek arbitration through a union representing talk show hosts.

Mr. Gates joined the radio station after his retirement amid criticism of the LAPD's 1992 riot response and the beating of

Rodney King.

Nelson vows to continue Farm Aid concerts

As long as times are tough for family farmers, star-studded Farm Aid concerts will be there for them, led by Willie Nelson.

"Someday maybe, there won't be a need for Farm Aid, and the small family farmer will be able to make it on his own," Mr. Nelson said Saturday at the American Agriculture Movement's 15th annual convention in Lubbock, Texas.

Mr. Nelson, who started Farm Aid in 1985, says more than 500 Americans lose their farms every week and that the average family farm earns about $4,000 per year.

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