The Top 20 records on Radio AAHS

January 17, 1994

(with artist's name and record label) for the week ending Jan. 14:

1. "Yakko's World," Yakko Warner (Kid Rhino)

2. "Double Up," Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (Zoom Express)

3. "Hip Hop Teddy Bear," Raven Symone (MCA)

4. "Hero," Mariah Carey (Columbia)

5. "Little Old Lady from Pasadena," Kids from Camp California (Sony Wonder)

6. "M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I," Janet & Judy (Janet & Judy)

7. "Air," Lenny Graf (LGM)

8. "Jump for Joy," Joanie Bartels (Discovery)

9. "Healthy Food," Cookie Monster (Western)

10. "I'm Bored," Craig n' Co. (Walt Disney)

11. "Capital," Rockapella (Zoom Express)

12. "Dandelion," Gary Rosen (Lightyear)

13. "Package Man," Bill Shontz (Lightyear)

14. "Heartbeat Drumbeat," Joanie Bartels (Discovery)

15. "Goldylocks Returns," Dennis Hysom (Discovery)

16. "Do Bullies Have Mommies?" Craig n' Co., (Walt Disney)

17. "Little Faces," Caren Glasser (Kid U.S.A.)

18. "Prince Ali," Robin Williams (Walt Disney)

19. "Red & Blue & Yellow Too," Cheech Marin (Ode 2 Kids)

20. "All in How Much We Give," Stephanie Mills (MCA)

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