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January 17, 1994


For more Baltimore convention information, call the Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association at (410) 659-7300 within Maryland or (800) 343-3468 outside Maryland.

Jan. 17-23: the International Auto Show will open at noon today and Saturday and at 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. The show closes at 9 p.m. nightly. The activities are in the Baltimore Convention Center and Festival Hall. Adult admission is $6 and, for under age 12, $3.


For more Washington-area convention information, call the Washington, D.C. Convention and Visitors Association at (202) 789-7000.

* Jan. 19-22: Association of American Colleges, Grand Hyatt Hotel. Contact: Suzanne Hyers, (202) 387-3760. Expected attendance: 1,000.

* Jan. 20-21: American Law Institute, Washington Marriott. Contact: Kathleen Peters, meeting coordinator, (215) 243-1600. Expected attendance: 150.

* Jan. 23-27: Bio-East Conference and Exhibit, Omni-Shoreham Hotel. Contact: Irene Goding, (301) 652-3072. Expected attendance: 1,775.

* Jan. 24-27: ComNet '94 conference and exposition will open in the Washington Convention Center and D.C. Renaissance Grand Hyatt. More than 450 vendors will have productivity-enhancing tools on display. About 250 products will be introduced. A wireless pavilion will feature the latest in cellular equipment and services, satellite phones, paging and messaging systems, portable computers and fax machines. For ticket or show information, call 1-800-225-8237.

Jan. 24-28: Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, technical conference, Lowes L'Enfant Plaza. Contact: Barbara Scott, (708) 480-90780. Expected attendance: 140.

* Jan. 25-27: Communication Network annual meeting, Grand Hyatt and the D.C. Convention Center. Contact: Robin Andreola, (508) 879-6700. Estimated attendance: 30,000.

* Jan. 27-30: American Bar Association National Law Educational Leadership Seminar, Washington Court Hotel. Contact: Lynette Hayes-Thomas, (312) 988-5718. Expected attendance: 175.

* Jan. 29-Feb. 3: American Institute of Architects, grass roots conference, Grand Hyatt Hotel. Contact: Pat Pickerall, (202) 626-7398. Attendance: 600.

* Jan. 30-Feb. 2: American Hospital Association annual meeting, Washington Hilton. Contact: Robert Donovan, (312) 280-6000. Expected attendance: 3,000.

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