Keep trying, governorHats off to Gov. William Donald...


January 16, 1994

Keep trying, governor

Hats off to Gov. William Donald Schaefer for his relentless effort to land Baltimore an NFL franchise. It's true a lot of people don't care for him, but everyone should know he kept the Orioles from leaving.

But the governor can't let up, he has to turn up the heat and go after the Los Angeles Rams or Raiders while they are interested in relocating. The same goes for the Washington Bullets and Capitals, because it would be great to have the NBA and NHL at Camden Yards.

I've pretty much gotten over my divorce, but I have never gotten over the loss of the Colts.

We have to get a team while Schaefer is still in office, because the next governor probably won't feel this way.

I have a feeling that Baltimore will get its own team, but if the worst does happen -- and I pray it doesn't -- then bring on Jim Speros and his CFL version of the Baltimore Colts.

I'll cheer for them just like I did the 1985 USFL champion Baltimore Stars.

Brian Paulus


Rosenthal fell . . .

As a transplanted Nebraskan now living in Pennsylvania, I often read The Sun sports page. For the past couple of months, Ken Rosenthal has run down the Nebraska football team, as well as its fans.

According to him, Nebraska was highly overrated.

I think Nebraska proved him to be wrong and I believe he should eat a little crow along with the bookies who made FSU a 17-point favorite.

Harry West

Brodbecks, Pa.

. . . into Nebraska trap

Ken Rosenthal simply fell into the trap of buying into the hype. Florida State was overrated. Notre Dame already knew it. But it took Nebraska to prove it to the rest of us.

The entire nation was conned. Conned by the media, conned even by Florida State in its easy defeats over lesser opponents. For when the time came to play the tough ones, the Seminoles simply weren't ready.

Nebraska dominated the Orange Bowl, just as Notre Dame had dominated Florida State in November. And if the officiating hadn't been so atrocious, the Cornhuskers would be wearing the rings.

The fact remains that the Irish and the Seminoles had only one loss, and Notre Dame beat Florida State. That's about the only thing that's indisputable.

David Zienty


Hooping it up for Bembry

I wish to voice my pleasure with the work of columnist Jerry Bembry. In both his coverage of individual NBA games and particularly in his "On the NBA" column, Mr. Bembry echoes an enthusiasm and love for the game, which I find a joy to share.

Unless pictures deceive, Mr. Bembry looks like a fairly young columnist. It is good to see The Sun has chosen a writer whose youth and excitement match an even younger NBA.

Chris Thomson


NFL needs replays

It's time to bring back NFL replays.

The officials have been making bad calls all season. When

shown on the field screen, they can be seen very definitely. With the playoffs under way, a bad call could cost a team a win. It has happened before.

There are angles the officials cannot see, thus a bad call happens.

Bob Crooks


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