50 Years Ago* William B. McCready, former member of the...


January 16, 1994|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

50 Years Ago

* William B. McCready, former member of the House of Delegates and for 12 years chairman of the Anne Arundel County Democratic State Central Committee, died today of a heart attack. His son, William U. McCready, is the present mayor of Annapolis. -- The Sun, Feb. 3, 1944.

* Italian prisoners-of-war at Fort Meade today gave a band concert of popular and semi-classical music. Their instruments were paid for by their earnings on war prisoner work details. "Pistol Packin' Mama" is their favorite, followed by "Paper Doll." -- The Sun, Feb. 3, 1944.

* An early morning fire yesterday, which threatened the Severna Park post office and the W.B.& A. station, destroyed the Pollard and Salter store, the oldest and largest general store in the Severna Park community. -- The Sun, Feb. 19, 1944.

* William C. Schenck, chief carpenter's mate of Eastport, now stationed in New Guinea, picked up a shiny object on his company street and found it was an Arundel Bus Company token from Annapolis. Another Annapolitan had undoubtedly dropped it 11,000 miles from home. -- The Sun, Feb. 24, 1944.

* Z. Garner Jones, chairman of the Annapolis Draft Board, announced he was submitting his resignation to the governor because he disagreed with rulings dealing with the draft status of Annapolis business people and fathers. -- The Sun, Feb. 25, 1944.

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