Thomas Run Valley

January 16, 1994|By John Camejo

Thomas Run Valley has some of the most beautiful vistas i Harford County. When I drive through it, I'm at peace. I imagine what things must have looked like before so much development arrived.

The gentleman featured in this painting lives in the heart of the valley.

His name is Henry Bahr. He is standing before his new dream home.

While driving through the valley the last couple of years, I've noticed construction always abuzz there. One day, I saw some children playing while Henry and a friend strung Christmas decorations. I stopped to say "hello," and asked about the house.

"I was born here in 1949," he explained. "This used to be a post office and general store. My family's home was right up there about 100 feet away." He pointed north just up the road, which also leads to Waters Meeting House, which dates to 1770 and is one of the oldest churches in the county.

"This used to be a busy intersection," Henry said. "This road goes all the way to Route 1. Folks would stop here for their mail, provisions and the latest gossip."

Henry bought the land from his father and built a home on the foundation of the former general store. As he was, his daughter, Alexandra Ann, now 2, was born on this property. The family also includes mom Ginger; Lindsay, 12; Christopher, 11, and Elizabeth, 4.

When I drive on Thomas Run Road, I always see the kids playing in their yard, which also has a milking parlor and a barn in the process of being restored. The work there never ends, it seems. This drawing is a tribute to a county resident who has worked hard to preserve the integrity of the land while fulfilling a life-long dream.

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