Russian-themed gourmet party includes chocolate Faberge eggs

January 16, 1994|By SYLVIA BADGER

Last Monday evening, members of la Chaine des Rotisseurs, one of the world's oldest eating societies, got a taste of the good life. Certainly this group is accustomed to the best from the culinary world; however, Nancy and Tom Stuehler, la Chaine members who were the party hosts, outdid themselves.

The Stuehlers operate Truffles, the gourmet arm of LaFontaine Bleu, out of the Belvedere Hotel, so they took this opportunity to show off their food and the Belvedere banquet rooms in (Russian) style. No one was disappointed as old and new Chaine members were wined and dined in the Belvedere's elegant rooms.

Incredible ice sculptures depicting the skyline of a Russian city dominated one end of a cocktail-buffet table filled with Russian delicacies. This scene even brought oohs and ahhs from Duke Goldberg, the new chevalier of the club, and the dinner committee, which consisted of Jay Block, Larry Coleman and Mary Ann Cricchio. Everything on the table was edible -- even the flower arrangements were made from vegetables. For those not drinking Bollinger champagne, there were six different variations of Stolichnaya vodka, encased in ice squares, which washed the Caspian Sea caviar down nicely, thank you.

Nearby, Marlene Goldberg and her mom, Reva Rolnick, watched as members of the Moryana Dancers set the stage for what was to come in the ballroom.

Tasty wines accompanied food courses, which included a paupiette of Caspian Sea bass and medallions of veal.

And there were two show-stoppers -- first a Burgundy-and-berries sorbet served on an ice plate with herbs frozen inside the plate. House lights were dimmed, and servers walked out with the sorbets atop lighted ice plates. And, in another unbelievable exhibit of talent, which surely made executive chefs Steve Sapte and David Mock proud, there were white-chocolate eggs filled with a wonderful tri-chocolate mousse and decorated to look like Faberge eggs. Nancy Stuehler admitted that she and Tom had worked with the staff preparing the eggs until 1 a.m. the night before to finish 150.

Others seen enjoying the party were Dr. and Mrs. Gary Pushkin, who are expecting their second child; Channel 2's Beverly Burke; Jim Williams, Johns Hopkins; Latham Hotel's general manager Bill Driscoll, and his wife, Barbara, new to town from Austin Texas; Darlene and Brian Loeffel -- he owns Rothschild's Clothing; Jim Pappas, general manager of Chestnut Ridge Country Club; Ed Vincent, Harbor View Marina; Jay Weinstein, ++ and Ted and Anita Task.

Nearby, the founder of the group, Buzz Levin, sat with his partner, Jon Singer, and Jon's guest, Cathy Villalpando, who is the United States Treasurer. Other guests included Gloria and Trip Dryden, Dryden Oil; Janet Eisenberg, and John and Lisa Bertani.

Black-tie Monday night dinner meetings are held throughout the year, and you can bet new members Sydney Blumenthal Jr, Charles Colton, Lenora Cooper, William Corrigan, Eric Cowan, Joseph Galiazzo, Carl Hackett, Dr. Bernard Krupp, Debra Lynch, Francis Lynch, Jan Rosenthal, Haney Schoenfeld and Glen Weinberg will enjoy their new friends and foods.


Last Wednesday, House of Delegates Speaker-elect Cas Taylor officially became speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates. But, did you know that for the first 12 days of January, Prince George's County Delegate and Speaker Pro Tem Gary Alexander was the acting speaker?

I was happy to see, from a memo he sent delegates Jan. 5, that he made good use of what little time he had.

"From the desk of The Acting Speaker" came news of the apparent theft of the House of Delegates Bible. Alexander chats about swearing in Mike Newnam, who was selected to take Speaker Clay Mitchell's seat in the House from Kent County. The only flaw in the ceremony was the disappearance of the Bible. (Anyone returning the Bible is promised immunity.)

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