Around the house* Use "long-life" electric bulbs in places...


January 15, 1994|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Use "long-life" electric bulbs in places that do not require a high concentration of light -- in hallways and closets. These bulbs produce fewer lumens (a unit of light) per watt than do standard bulbs.

* Try these handyman substitutes around the house: A spring clothespin or pants hanger can serve as a clamp; a rubber glove finger with a corner clipped away can become a funnel; and a skateboard can be a moving dolly.

* Check attic space for frost and icicles, which are signs of a moisture problem. Ventilate area by leaving vents open year round.

* Remove rust stains from sink and bathtub. Rub off spots with a mixture of lemon and salt.

* Clean steam iron. Mix 1 tablespoon vinegar with enough water to fill water chamber. Place iron soleplate down on an empty coffee can to allow steam to escape; turn on to steam setting. Allow to steam for a half-hour while shaking sediment in iron periodically. Repeat procedure using fresh water. Cool completely and dry.

* Clean dirty brooms and mops by soaking in a bucket of hot water and ammonia. Rinse well.

In the garden

* Water houseplants with water from your aquarium. Fish wastes in the water make good fertilizer.

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