Balkan Update

January 14, 1994

Croatia and rebel Serbs holding a third of the country agreed to extend until the end of January a Christmas truce which reduced fighting in war-torn areas to the lowest level in two years.

Bosnian Serbs battered the strategic town of OLOVO in an attempt to squeeze nearby TUZLA, one of the last Muslim-controlled strongholds in the east.

Fighting also raged between advancing Muslim-led forces and Bosnian Croats around VITEZ. Bosnian government troops recently have made advances in central Bosnia, squeezing Bosnian Croats into two enclaves which almost are cut off from each another.

Bosnia's Muslim-led government threatened to call on consumers in "friendly countries" to boycott goods from any NATO state that opposes airstrikes against Serb forces shelling SARAJEVO and preventing the opening of TUZLA airport.

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