Soul Pleasers' songs set staid audiences to clapping, tapping


January 13, 1994|By MICHELLE HOFFMAN

"This is my story, this is my song, praising my savior all the day long."

The Soul Pleasers have a mission, to make a joyful noise while spreading the word of God to anyone who would like to listen.

The 10-member spiritual vocal group was formed 16 years ago as the Strawbridge Methodist Men at Strawbridge United Methodist Church in New Windsor.

But member Francis Dorsey felt that because their music was so spiritually uplifting, another name for the ensemble was needed. So they became the Soul Pleasers.

Today, the men make up one of four choral assemblies at the New Windsor church that takes turns, so each group sings for Sunday service once a month.

After this past Sunday's worship, the Soul Pleasers took their heavenly voices on the road. At 2 p.m., they performed selected pieces at Messiah United Methodist Church in Taneytown for the congregation and visitors.

Beginning at the foyer of the sanctuary, the singers marched up the aisle, pulling their high energy through the congregation. Although the conservative audience was somewhat shy and slow to join in, the spirit of the music spread its effect.

Soon one set of clapping hands became two, and so on. Add the rhythmic tapping of toes, and it became apparent that everyone was enjoying the concert.

The Soul Pleasers put their hearts and souls into their music. Although microphones were used, they served only to complement the strong voices that performed with musical accompaniment and a cappella.

Among their songs were: "Packin' Up," "Soon and Very Soon," "Jesus is all the World," "It's Amazin'," "Blessed Assurance," "Glory Glory." A moving rendition of "Walk Around in Heaven" was dedicated by soloist Ronald Hollingsworth to his departed parents.

There was no admission charge to the concert, but a free-will offering was collected to pay expenses. The Soul Pleasers are a nonprofit group. Whenever donations exceed costs, the money is given to the Strawbridge United Methodist Church.

The Soul Pleasers perform mostly at local churches. However, they also are available for banquets and other gatherings.

The word they spread is about God, although not expressed in a preachy manner. Member Delmar Clark said they share their worship by making a joyful noise.

The Soul Pleasers are: Ronald Hollingsworth, Charles Smith, George Owens, Clifford Smith, Chuck Clark, Ray Clark, Delmar Clark, George Tucker, Joe Brown and Francis Dorsey.

All they ask of their listeners is "if you're happy and you know it, say 'Amen.' "

To schedule a performance: Delmar Clark, 775-2727.


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The cost for each class is $18, which will be prorated to the number of classes you attend. Join both and save $5.

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Information: 756-2809

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