Generation X'ers, FAD-TV wants you and your money

January 13, 1994|By McClatchy News Service

Generation X'ers may soon have something baby boomers could only dream about: their own TV station.

A proposed cable channel called FAD-TV will pump 24 hours of fashion and design, using MTV-like visuals to capture Young Turks in search of style, from Gap jeans and art-deco furniture to avocado shampoos and ivory nipple rings.

Creators say the idea is to bear-trap a generation in flux between teeny-bop Beavis and thirtysomething bores, to speak its language and take its money.

"MTV prides itself on disenfranchising its audience as it ages," says creator Tony Guccione from a pay phone in New Zealand. "X'ers don't have the interest to watch hours of head-banging videos anymore. They want shows to improve the quality of their lives, where to go, what to wear, what to eat."

Mr. Guccione is heir to target-marketing savvy. His dad, Bob Guccione, publishes Penthouse magazine. Brother Bob Jr. publishes Spin. After 10 years of odd jobs, Tony, now 32, set out on his own.

If FAD-TV arrives as planned in late 1994, it will be a 24-hour blitz. An 800 number will appear for viewers to buy products or to download information, home shopping that Mr. Guccione calls "interactivity."

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