Snow removal causes town to amend budget

January 12, 1994

One month into the winter season, Sykesville already has amended its public works budget twice to provide snow removal money.

The original town budget set $3,000 for road materials. In December, the town clerk asked for an additional $2,500. Monday, he asked for another $1,000.

"I don't think $5,500 will get us through the winter," said Vincent J. Diffenbaugh, the clerk-treasurer. "The salt bill alone is $2,000."

The Town Council approved Mr. Diffenbaugh's request at its meeting Monday.

The money will pay for another 40-ton load of salt. Councilman Eugene Johnson said the last salt delivery is almost gone.

"We should have another $2,000 worth on hand," said Mr. Johnson. "We are going to need it. More snow is predicted this week."

Money can be transferred from the capital fund to pay for the salt, said Town Manager James L. Schumacher.

The town has also spent $900 of the budgeted $4,500 in overtime to snow removal crews.

"We have been fortunate," said Mr. Schumacher. "Most of the bad weather has occurred during the work week."

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