Pasadena seeking Rams in Rose Bowl

January 11, 1994|By Rick Orlov | Rick Orlov,Los Angeles Daily News

LOS ANGELES -- Pasadena, Calif., city officials are scheduled today to discuss making an aggressive effort to win the Rams for the Rose Bowl, while Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan said he wants to meet with team officials to keep the Rams in Southern California.

With the Los Angeles Rams serving notice they might exercise a 15-month option to get out of their lease at Anaheim Stadium, local officials and the Los Angeles Sports Council have been moving to convince them to remain in the Los Angeles area.

"There aren't many venues for them to go to in Southern California, so I see the Rose Bowl as viable and Pasadena as a good home for the Rams," Pasadena Councilman Chris Holden said yesterday. Pasadena is northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Holden had the issue placed on today's Pasadena City Council meeting for discussion.

"I want to see the city aggressively pursuing the Rams," Holden said. "I don't think we can afford to have an organization like the Rams leave. California has been in a slump and a lot of businesses are thinking of leaving. We go out of our way for them and I think we should do the same for the Rams."

Riordan, who was instrumental in talks several years ago that kept the Raiders in Los Angeles, expressed similar sentiments.

"I think it benefits everybody, including Los Angeles, if they stay here, either in Anaheim, Pasadena or whatever," Riordan said. Riordan said that he is trying to set up a meeting with Rams owner Georgia Frontiere or other club officials to discuss what the team is seeking.

"If they decide on the Coliseum, that would be great. There are two teams at the Meadowlands, but it may not be feasible here with the Raiders," Riordan said, referring to the Los Angeles Raiders football team, the current tenant.

Rams executive vice president John Shaw issued a statement last week saying that while no decision has been made to leave Anaheim Stadium, the team was looking as the possibility of moving to another area of Southern California or elsewhere.

Rams officials said on Monday they would have no comment on the various efforts to keep them in the area.

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