Waste proposal will be explained at open meeting

January 11, 1994|By Staff Report

Residents will get their first chance to comment on the possible closing of the county's Alpha Ridge Landfill in Marriottsville and other aspects of the county's proposed solid waste plan tonight.

At 7:30 p.m. in the Tyson Room of the George Howard county office building in Ellicott City, public works officials will explain the plan to the Planning Board and the Board of Public Works.

A public hearing on the plan will follow the presentation.

The plan calls for closing the landfill, expected to reach capacity by 2008, in two years and hiring a private contractor to take trash out of the county to place in a landfill, incinerate, compost or recycle.

During the three years the landfill would be closed, it is expected that Baltimore and its nearby counties will agree on a regional waste plan.

Space in the Marriottsville landfill that is saved by its temporary closure might be used for ash from a regional incinerator, according to the plan. Another contribution the county could make would be accepting yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves at a proposed composting facility near Lennox Park.

The plan is expected to be submitted to the County Council for its approval in February. The council will receive recommendations from the two boards and have its own public hearing.

State environmental authorities will then decide whether the plan complies with state law.

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